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Sujit Shrestha, Managing Director

A-ONE Polymers and Beverage Private Limited, a renowned company, has been involved in the production of PET preforms, PET bottles and caps since the past decade. In the last 10 years of our services, we have been able to establish ourselves as a company dedicated to superior quality and excellent customer service. Recently, through our well equipped factory, we have started manufacturing processed drinking water “HAMRO” that follows a standard water quality assurance process. We take pride in presenting a superior quality drinking water to our consumers which is safe and hygienic.
Water is an intrinsic element of our existence – we cannot imagine a single day without drinking water. It is essential for our day to day life activities. Our body is comprised of 70% water and to remain healthy and fit we have to drink at least three/four liters of water every day. Water is also the prime element of the blood running through in our veins, and is included in our daily essential food items.
Equal to drinking water, is also its quality – one must be absolutely sure one is drinking water which is safe, pure, and sourced from a hygienic source. Drinking impure water is linked to several diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, jaundice, typhoid, arsenic, etc. Therefore, clean water is essential for superior health.
Drinking plenty of water also keeps our body temperature in check. Water also assists towards proper blood circulation within our body. Lack of water also causes damage to one’s kidneys – therefore, the required amount of water must be consumed daily.
While drinking water is abundantly available in Nepal, why should you choose a-1, you may ask? Because, we believe in clean and pure drinking water as the source of health and hygiene.
We believe clean and pure drinking water leads to good health – we believe our water will contribute towards Nepal’s collective health. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation.
Keeping in mind the importance of hygienic water, A-ONE Polymers and Beverages Pvt. Ltd. is launching a Dr. Paani App from where you will be supplied with drinking water which has surpassed several quality checks. From the contents to the packaging; with a knack for every detail, we have reduced possibilities of contamination. Our water is clean, pure, and hygienic, and so are our bottles. Our delivery people will ensure the water reaches your home in a safe condition so as our vision of healthy Nepal is complete.
Therefore, go ahead – purchase water only from Dr. Paani, and ensure your good health.
Your good health is Nepal’s good health.

How a Water Helps our Body?

  • Body functions properly
  • Removes unnecessary waste from the body
  • Maintains physical health
  • Provides necessary nutrients
  • Helps blood circulation
  • Maintains body temparature